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Too many Sellers and not enough Buyers!

BuyerWho do you think appeals to people more ― a person buying or selling?

I can tell you without hesitation the ‘buyer’ wins hands down every time! Why? The buyer contributes to us usually by adding to our success or financial wellbeing.

In the heady pursuit of success, the fatal mistake many salespeople make is they ‘sell’ and self-promote all the time.  This trains people to ignore them much like TV ads that are in your face so much, after a while we simply don’t see or hear them.

So with more people selling, (than ever!) than buying, how do you compete in an overcrowded and self-focused market place?

Step 1:  Do the exact opposite of what the majority are doing in your space. Give customers choice, either ‘same-same’ or you. Most salespeople are focused on ‘the sell’ ― you need to be the minority of unique and interesting people buying!

Step 2:  Understand that buying means buying-in and contributing by taking a genuine interest in your customers and their best interests. Move from a ‘self-focused’ state (all about me and what I do) ― to a ‘selfless’ state (all about others and how I can help them).

Step 3: Rethink your ‘value proposition’, and redefine what you do and how you contribute with real value and benefits.

Step 4: Get out into your market place and buy the pants of your competitors!


Trent Leyshan

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