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The Power of NO

Thursday, February 25th, 2010


We all know how important getting a ‘yes’ is, but how important is the word ‘no’ in sales? For some companies the word ‘no’ is just as (if not) more powerful than a ‘yes’.

The number one killer of value in any sales model is time wasting and salespeople not knowing where and how to apply their time. I call this scenario ‘The Black Hole effect: lots of time going-in but nothing comes out, ever! By out, I mean productivity, tangible value, results and outcomes.

I have talked in past blogs about ‘Crazy Customers’ and their damaging effect on time management and sales-performance. The key to eliminating times wasters is to get comfortable with saying the word, “No.” As a salesperson you need to know your place; and that is in-front of customers. But not just any customers, the right customers! When I’m working with a sales team, I always look for ways the salespeople can maximise their time, value and output. The first place I start is in understanding where salespeople add most value and structuring their time more in that activity, and to create support structures around them to allow them to do so.


The Art of Chen

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The Art of ChenLast week I flew from Melbourne to Sydney to conduct a two-day, 60 salesperson sales training session for a large kitchen and electrical ware supplier.

When I arrived in Sydney, I exited the terminal and quickly felt the humid morning air. I strategically positioned myself in the cab-rank and waited in-line for my ride. After a few minutes, my cabbie pulled-up and then leaped out of his seat and ran around to my side of the car. A small Asian man with a couple of teeth missing and a crooked smile greeted me. He then pushed me out of the way assertively and snatched my suitcase from me and lobbed it into his boot.

We both jumped in the cab and in broken English he introduced himself ceremoniously, “Hi, I’m Chen! Where are we off to today?” “To the Manly Novotel, thanks mate” I responded, slightly taken aback and amused by Chen’s lively demeanour. We then proceeded to take the 40 minute journey and headed through the tunnel. The traffic was backed-up and sensing my anxiety about being late for a speaking gig, this seemed to infuriate Chen, to which he profusely apologised and assured me that I would not be late for my 11am start. Though slightly perplexed by Chen’s noticeable concern, I got the impression he genuinely cared about getting me to my destination on time.


How to generate quality referrals

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

ReferralsIts fare to say that I’ve been around the sales-block a time or two, or maybe three but who’s counting?

In my fifteen year career ‘selling’ at the coal-face, I’ve seen just about every sales approach in the book ― some effective and others not so.  And If there is a ‘so called’ bag of sales-tricks, my bag is fatter than most.

Having been a fervent student of ‘selling’ for most of my adult life, one thing is for sure, nothing excites me more at the front end of the sales process than a referral. Hot, warm or cold, I dont mind, so long as there’s a need or desire I’m qualified to fulfil. And if someone goes to the trouble of recommending me to another, I dont take that lightly, ― I celebrate it!


Are you ‘equal to’ or ‘greater than’?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Thailand market

In business today it doesn’t matter what you’re selling there is so much clutter and confusion ― competition is fierce and let’s be honest for most it’s a mental, emotional, and physical grind.

I can hear the rusty cogs of progress grinding from here, its bloody exhausting just listening to them. Can many of you relate to my wearisome words? Of course you can, I can, we all can.

Today, selling something both unique and profitable is tougher than ever. Not only are there a plethora of carbon-copy competitors in each space, added is the customer having so much choice and unprecedented access to information, thanks to the internet, correction; Google. Moreover, the general population is increasing ‘exponentially’ and the shear mass of businesses that are created every year is not going backwards any time soon.


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