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What’s your Plan B?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010


Last weekend most of us threw ourselves at our TV screens in absolute protest as the final siren sounded with the Saints and Pies locked at 68 points all.

The AFL world went into meltdown as the outcome rattled the very foundations of our expectations, “No winner.. what the?!”

The Grand final replay this Saturday promises the weary faithful a unique experience and also a unique challenge for both teams competing. To again, summons the forces of will, raw emotion and energy―spent in full, and then some ―will be a tough task. Yet, the rematch promises to serve up a tantalising encore of sheer courage and determination; attributes of a worthy winner.


Tame your passion

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I love being around passionate people that glow with so much energy―it’s contagious!

Passionate people seem to enjoy life more and get more of out of everyday situations. I talk at length about passion in many of my sales programs. Passion is so important. We all know what happens once passion leaves the building? We often jump out the window after it.

Passion is such a life force. It energises and revitalises. Passion has the power to transcend and transform. It can pick you up if you’ve been knocked down and inspire you when no one else will.  Passion will keep you awake into wee hours of the morn as you ponder the fruits it may bring you.  And just maybe, passion will find you―when it does you will know about it!


Sales Training : Coffee’s for Closers!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Glenngary Glen Ross (released in 1992) is an iconic sales movie starring young versions of Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris and Jack Lemmon, among others.

If you’re in sales and you haven’t watched this movie, go and hire it. For no other reason than to remind you of how disturbing the techniques of ‘traditional selling’ were and still are today.

This movie is about a bunch of desperate and unethical New York real-estate-agents from the same office caught in a scandal (involving police) regarding one of the four salesmen stealing the good leads from the manager’s office: high value prospect details printed on small cards.


Find fear before it finds you

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Fear To project to others that we are always happy, having fun and in a positive frame of mind every day is just pure fantasy.

We all feel pain and frustration and all of us most certainly feel fear. In fact, for many of us, fear defines who we are and our corresponding thoughts and behaviours are governed by fear’s close relatives: anxiety, procrastination, stress and worry.

Let’s explore fear a little closer. What is fear? Fear results from the threat or potential to experience pain. What is pain? Pain is the sensation felt when the brain releases certain bio-chemicals in our body to alert us of physical danger — such as cutting our skin or breaking our arm. Pain preserves us from continuing to harm ourselves once injured in some way.


More crazy customers!!!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

crazy-person-shoe-phone[1]The name of the sales game is, “buy-in” and you being interesting and valuable enough so that your customers seek-you-out.

In a perfect world salespeople will much rather spend their valuable time working with in-bound opportunities as opposed to chasing them. But just because someone has made contact with you doesn’t necessarily make them the perfect opportunity.

People that seek-you-out are more likely to demonstrate deceptive behaviour regarding your offering. If you have read my new book, The Naked Salesman, or attended one of my sales training programs you would have heard me speak about the damaging effects that “crazy customers” impart on salespeople and businesses. These are people who pretend to be customers but, in fact, never will be. They dissolve time and distract you from giving attention and affection to your “real” and most valuable customers.


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