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Are you a quitter?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011


Despite what some entrepreneurs believe, taking risks is not a silver bullet to success.

What is, is taking a risk, experiencing challenges, and then applying what you’ve learned, time and again.

Many business people take risks and then experience overwhelming resistance, but this is not failing. You only truly fail if you abort your dream entirely. Ironically most people give up just before the finishing line, not aware that the line is within their grasp. Which demonstrates your potential is usually just beyond your breaking point if you dare to smash through it.


Death by a thousand clunks

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

orange_phone2When you cold-call your window of opportunity to engage a stranger is only a few seconds before you hear the death knell… clunk!

Similarly, when spamming strangers your email will be directed to the spam filter or dealt with swiftly by the delete button. We’re just too busy and focused on our own stuff to engage a self-focused foreigner over email or phone.

Cold-calling is a technique that worked in the dark ages well before the internet. Our world has changed. So too has our willingness to tolerate ignorance. This also applies to companies that outsource this function to harass unsuspecting parents as they struggle to put their little ones to bed of an evening. Shame on you telemarketers!


Process is the Mother of replication

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

dna-double-helixProcess is essential to success in all areas of business.

Even creative people have a process for manifesting inspiration. In sales a successful process allows you to work by a consistent set of operating principles that guide and support you towards realising an outcome. This outcome can then be replicated time and again.

A lack of expertise in moving customers through an engagement process is commonly flagged by management as, “poor lead generation or closing ability from salespeople.” More accurate is both these points of failure are merely symptoms of a much larger problem: poor process. In that instance, where the process starts or finishes are determined by the customers and not salespeople.


Love it or lose it

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Grass is always greenerAfter over a decade of growing her web design business and helping clients achieve their goals―Sylvia’s success was recognised.

She was courted by a much larger company interested in buying her business for a generous price. The offer was enticing, also timely, as Sylvia had been admiring the green grass over the fence for some time. Months of negotiations ensued culminating in her company being sold and rolled into the larger entity.

A modified business name, new staff and a rebrand followed. She was appointed as a director and shareholder of the parent company. The new venture went well… for about two weeks! Sylvia quickly found herself immersed in a boys club. Her new partners’ snide and chauvinistic remarks, overt profit mentality and disrespect for some clients were excruciating to bear.


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