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Take it personally!


When you’re passionate about what you do, you’re well within your rights to take it personally when someone lets you down.

I invest most of my time during the week into growing and developing my business, which often spills over into the wee hours and weekends.  If you’re anything like me, business is not just a job, it represents a significant part of who we are as individuals.

As salespeople we can meet customers who lack a genuine passion for what they do. They dont have a duty of care to honour vendor relationships and frankly couldn’t care less about you. Their core purpose every week is to simply grind it through with their sanity intact.

I take it personally when a customer lets me down or breaks their promise. I devote not just my time but a significant portion of me into every opportunity.

If a customer is willing to take your precious time in providing them with valuable insights or a customised proposal, and then can’t even take 30 seconds from their day to respond or cut you loose, this says a lot about their character. You’re probably better off without these types of customers.

I take it personally, and that’s exactly what I look for in high-performing salespeople. These people work with passion and sprinkle themselves into all of their activities. They work hard and expect high standards from others. There’s nothing wrong with that. Dont let a passionless customer impact your attitude and determine your behaviour. You’re better than that!

If you’re going to invest a hefty percentage of your life into a chosen field, for goodness sakes take it personally! And when a customer lets you down, dont fester in it, simply move on and contribute to someone else who deserves it.

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2 Responses to “Take it personally!”

  1. Morry Morgan says:


    I’d also add that ones behaviour when dealing with this kind of disrespectful customer must be professional and polite, since bad behaviour on your behalf will allow the customer to justify their own.

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    I love the story of the angry peasant that challenges a Samurai warrior to a duel or he must crawl on his hands in shame through the peasants legs.

    The Samurai considers the duel and then humbly crawls through the peasants legs. Knowing his superior power and skills the Samurai has no need to prove himself to the peasant nor does he seek approval from ignorance.

    When it comes to people and ignorant clients, there’s simply no need to validate their ignorance.

    Thanks for your input.

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