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Don’t dare waste my time!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

64924255_thumbnail“Good morning Eddie,” with a broad smile I enthusiastically shook hands with the potential new client, conscious of positively transferring my energy and providing him with a strong sense of importance. #YouAreImportant

However, in the back of my mind dwelled a purposeful and self-serving intent….Don’t dare waste my time!

These words pierced from my eyes, not with a malicious intent, but from a calm place and deep understanding of just how valuable my time in business and on this earth really is. I have no time for time wasters!


Why the Best salespeople are Negotiators

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

iStock_000019786808_MediumWhen we think of a ‘negotiator’ the mind often paints a picture of a cold, calculated character, like a barrister or hostage negotiator.

We rarely consider the creative process involved, a rhythmic dance of sorts that takes place when two parties actively work together towards a win-win outcome.

There are many aspects to a sales role. But, there is one area that is critical to all sales or customer engagement processes: negotiation skills.

In fact, forget about everything else for a moment — your skill in this area will determine your results. And it’s your ability to negotiate effectively that will augment your long-term success.

The Google definition for ‘negotiate’ is as follows:

a. Try to reach an agreement or compromise by discussion with others.

b.  Find a way (over or through) an obstacle or difficult path.

The above definitions are ultimately what you, the salesperson, are paid to do. You can do a strong job of engaging, listening, probing, customizing and tailoring your pitch, but if you fail to negotiate the agreement to the sale, the former becomes irrelevant.

Anyone can pitch, but how many can truly and effectively negotiate?

We can all negotiate. This often comes down to how much we desire something. This will determine what compromises we make and how much time we take in negotiation process.

Of course, if you have trust, the need for negotiations is mooted, since both parties are transparent with their needs. “Transparency might make for a predictable game of poker, but in the game of sales and negotiations, it can cut the sales cycle in half, or better,” says Morry Morgan, author of ‘Selling Big to China – Negotiating Principles for the World’s Largest Market.

We can make the mistake of underestimating just how critical ‘people’ are to this process. Example: if I don’t like or trust you, for whatever reason, I’ll negotiate harder for my own benefit. Similarly, speaking recently with Tim, a family lawyer, he explained he works harder for and personally invests in specific clients he likes and believes in.

So given all this, how can you become a more effective negotiator?

Here’s some key steps:

  • Know when you’re in ‘the negotiation’.
  • Have a clear understanding of everyone’s goals
  • Prepare well and build a strong case
  • Communicate ‘The Facts’
  • Do the work. Always Be Contributing
  • Stick to your line of Questioning (Funnel and dig with purpose)
  • Ask the right questions. Ask better questions
  • Be Assertive. Work through objections
  • Show a duty of care for the customer
  • Demonstrate a belief in what you sell
  • Take risks. Make compromises. Be creative
  • Harass your Fearless leader for ideas and offers to help you negotiate.

A smart question to ask when selling is: can I negotiate with this person?”

If not, navigate (over or through) them.

Don’t forget the golden rule: NEVER negotiate with terrorists (time wasters!)

When you negotiate with purpose and genuinely believe the outcome benefits both you and the customer — you become vastly more influential. This is an area all salespeople can improve in. See yourself as a negotiator, not just a salesperson and your customers and fearless leader will see you as someone they can rely upon to get the deal done.

Trent Leyshan is the founder of sales training company BOOM! Sales and the author of OUTLAW & The Naked Salesman.

Attack of the Robots

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

iStock_000039839928_LargeBe scared. They are here! Living among us. Listening. Watching our every move.

Personal and marketable “connectivity” is of course all pervasive and ever penetrating. We sleep with our apps open by our side. But how deep does it really go?

I imagine asking parents, ‘would you trust your baby with a robot. Picture the sterile, insect-like claws cradling the infant and trying to offer the little cherub comfort?’ Their response would be of course, ‘no thanks.’


“You are making the wrong decision.”

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

iStock_000003013376_MediumThomas stood up, cocked his head and shot his words squarely into the phone:

“You are making the wrong decision.”

His conviction, sincerity and passion — stunned the potential client.

Tom’s response was a reaction to a potential new client explaining they had agreed to go with one of Tom’s competitors. An intense twenty-minute conversation ensued.


Are you quirky?

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Sheep in bootsEvery year at BOOM! we work with hundreds of sales professionals across industries.

In my travels I meet some astonishingly talented individuals, and some hmm… they need a bit of work. Of course, I learn from both sides of the spectrum.

I often get asked, “Trent, just cut to the chase and give us your best advice, what’s your #1 sales success tip” (more…)

The most underrated sales skill

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Follow up_Sales TrainingSales professionals who disregard a tested follow-up process will skip vital steps that limit their sales success.

My Dad is an enthusiastic recreational fisherman and taught me everything I know about the art of fishing. As a young buck, one of my first lessons was to always keep the line tight. Don’t give the fish any slack line to throw the hook.

In business, the same applies to communication. Never give a genuine customer a valid reason to go cold, particularly after you’ve done all the initial grunt work building trust and establishing the relationship.


Belief is not important, it’s everything

Monday, July 14th, 2014


Many capable people begin doubting themselves when they are put under pressure.

They retract instead of forging ahead with confidence. Stress affects people in different ways. Some thrive and it enhances their focus, while others regress into trembling fools incapable of executing even the simplest fundamentals. If you’re in the game, you’re good enough to win it!


Warning: May Contain Traces of Nuts

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

mixednutsThe most passionate sales people are easily aroused by customers. When they win a new contract, so intense their elation a little bit of wee escapes! Sure, they appear to be normal at first glance, but if you peer a little closer there is something rather peculiar bubbling beneath the surface.

These sales people aren’t just fond of what they sell, they fantasise about it! Removing themselves from the stresses of the everyday sales grind ―to escape to a safe and warm place. That is to say, loving what they sell and believing in it with abnormal passion and conviction.


6 Ways Selling Will Change by 2024

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Sales will change inc magazineAn interesting blog, BOOM! had to share. I  would suggest many of the points already well underway. – Trent Leyshan

A few years ago, I started working with Howard Stevens, CEO of Chally Worldwide on a roadmap for how sales will evolve over the next 10 years, based on the best available research.

That effort is now available as a collection of books. Since the boxed set is pricey (though more than worth the money, IMHO) I thought you might be interested in an “executive summary.”  Here are the most interesting findings:


Rules and Records are made to be Broken

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

smash!Each generation strives to be more than their ancestors: more opulent, more enlightened, more successful, smarter, faster!

To achieve this you will need to overcome ignorance, abolish inhibiting beliefs, and embrace and harness change. This path can be risky, but ultimately, it will serve you by moving you forward and upward. To evolve, your own records need to be broken and new rules established. We all live in a world of flux and ceaseless movement, and if you’re standing still, in reality, you’re moving backwards.

Genuine game-changing innovation can be challenging to achieve, because initially only you believe in it. Without others buying into your vision, who will embrace and run with it? Not many — which usually spells the death of a great idea or grand ideal.


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