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Smart, but not smart enough

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

brainHow smart are you? You may have an IQ that rivals Einstein, yet you’re still only scratching the surface of ideas and strategies that can potentially propel you forward.

Irrespective of how clever you are, you’re limited by two cerebral hemispheres. Imagine multiplying your thinking capacity by 100%, 200%, or 300%, or more? This is why periodic collaboration with people that are driven by the same cause is such a winning strategy.

Brains-trusts and masterminds groups are not new. Initially I came across this concept in my early twenties when I read Napoleon Hill’s inspiring work, Think and Grow Rich. While I dont suggest channelling the dead for their inspiration, I do strongly advise you take time-out to habitually brainstorm, share ideas, best practices and strategies.


Overcoming fatigue, apathy and burnout

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

tiredUnlike other performance athletes ― salespeople are expected to compete forty eight weeks or more every year. It’s no wonder most salespeople are bloody tired, if not utterly exhausted.

Nearly all performance sports are structured in a way so that the athlete actually competes at a small fraction of their time in comparison to the time spent developing strategy, refining skills and training and recovering.

Sales managers for some bizarre reason believe their salespeople needn’t subscribe to the same approach. This false belief limits their sales people’s success and ultimately leads to fatigue and underperformance.


Are production and sales singing from the same hymn book?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

hymn book

If customers really knew what was going on behind the scenes — many would be reluctant to buy.

Production creates the product and salespeople are entrusted to sell it. These two areas must be in unison but often collide with force. To salespeople production can be considered slow and inflexible. And according to production the salespeople can lack detail and over-promise. Morphing these two contrasting perceptions into a cohesive reality poses some very real challenges.

To be effective salespeople need to believe in what they sell. Any attempt to mislead customers will be met with resistance. Successful salespeople invest time understanding the inner workings of their product. They dont need to be experts, but they possess the ability to articulate the process involved in creating what they sell. This safeguards overpromising and also helps to build trust with customers.


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