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The Netstar Sales Academy is a fully supported online learning centre designed to deliver impactful sales training, leadership and motivation to devour in your own space and at your own pace.

Delivered on-demand to your desktop or smartphone to empower you with best practice sales, service and relationships development skills and tools to help you drive new standards of sales excellence. 




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How to deliver world class service
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BOOM! Sales Trainign Retro Service

NEtstar Sales Academy Online Learning 

An online learning experience that is designed to help you continually sharpen your skills and improve on the move! 


In addition,  Netstar Fearless Leader as well as Master Coach training can also be utilised to further deepen and embed the key learnings, tools and language.  

Learning via Netstar Sales Academy will help you:

  • Convert more opportunities that you work hard for or pay for

  • Radically increase conversion rates and win more business 

  • Be a more confident and effective communicator

  • Supercharge client engagement to unlock more (win-win) value

  • Improve self motivation and increase paaaaaassion and energy levels. 

  • Grow your personal brand and enhance your reputation

  • Sharpen your negotiation skills in all environments 

  • Initiate and develop deeper client relationships

  • Become an invaluable and sought after asset 

  • Demonstrate deeper client love that leaves them wanting more! 

  • Deliver world class customer service and inspire fierce  loyalty 

  • Smash your targets and radically improve earning potential

  • And much, much more! 

More benefits of the Netstar Sales Academy:

  • Super engaging rapid learning videos - learn on anywhere, any time! 

  • Learn in the flow of work and consume on the move anywhere

  • Potent tools for triggering individual coaching or group learning sessions

  • Map training videos into your virtual (facilitated) learning experiences as pre work and/or re-enforcement

  • Map training modules to other sales learning initiatives 

  • Fast paced micro training - short, focused content boosts utilisation!

  • Higher learning retention means better ROI on training spend.

  • Content and learning modules can be tailored to your business

  • Accelerate your new team member onboarding and proficiency 

  • Supercharge team and customer engagement

  • Empower leadership / managers with a consistent set of tools 

  • Drive a shared and consistent message and language

  • Explode your revenue and team sales targets 

  • Ensure key learnings "stick" through consistent reinforcement.

  • Allow consistency of tools and strategies across your sales team.

  • Radically reduce staff churn through supported development 

  • Set a new standard for sales and customer service excellence 

  • Enable multi-site / "work from home" team alignment.

  • Master Coach and Train the Trainer can be activated 

  • Zoom, Teams and virtual sessions delivered to deepen learning


In collaboration with BOOM! Sales Australia's #1 sales training. 


 Sharpen your 
skills & improve 
  on the move! 

Devour in your own space at  your own pace 


Take your game
to the next level! 

 Full access to all
Netstar Sales Academy   supercharged modules  

3 levels of assessment and certification. 
Continually revisit to stay at the top of your game!

 Sales Academy Bite-Size 


Bite 1: Three Magic Words (2.5 mins) Language and intent that connects and leave a positive lasting impression.  

Bite 2: The Secret Selling Ingredient (3 mins) Learn what makes truly world class sales people and influencers. 

Bite 3: The Law of Rapport (2.5 mins) A cool tool to fast track rapport and built trust with different types of people.

Bite 4: Your Silent Sales Weapon (2.5 mins) Learn a soft skill that is hard to master. Understand and apply the essential layers of listening to be more engaging. 

Bite 5: Are You Interesting? (3 mins) How to REALLY stand out in a competitive and crowded market place. 

Bite 6: The Art of Masterful QuestionsTM (2.3 mins) The best sales people ask the best questions. Learn how. Not for the Average! The skill is game changing! 

Bite 7: You've Been Verbalised (3 mins) How to lose less and win more clients. Apply techniques to convert more. 

Bite 8: Ignite a Passion Contagion! (2.4 mins) Unlock more energy, drive and passion in your business and clients.

Bite 9: Never Sell a Carrot to a Rabbit (3.5 mins) How to be more confident  and persuasive with demanding and intimidating customers. Bloody rabbits! 

Bite 10: 2 No's to Get a Yes (3 mins) Objection handing. Apply a child like technique for greater persuasion.

Bite 11: Kill the Time Wasters! (2.5 mins) Time is Money! Respectfully and effectively eliminate tyre kickers.

Bite 12: How to Deliver World Class Service (4.5 mins) and repeat business. Bula Bula! Welcome Home Service.

 Sales Academy Deeper-Longer  


Module One: Dare to Prepare (13 mins) Learn your Why Frame? Identify exactly who your REAL customers are, what business you are REALLY in and what gives you your competitive edge.

Module Two: Hunt and Herd (12 mins) learn this game changing tool to help you outsmart and outsell your top 3 competitors and dominate your industry. 

Module Three: Adaptive Communication (7 mins) Engage with Style. A tool to help you 'flex' to be more engaging and more confident with more people. Included online assessment and personal communication report. 

Module Four: The Red PhoneTM (14.5 mins) Cold calling is dead! But the Red PhoneTM is alive and well. Another game changing tool to help you cut through using the telephone as an instrument for lead gen, appt setting and effective follow up. 

Module Five: The Arc of Influence (6.5 mins) An advanced time management and stakeholder navigation tool Have the right conversation wth the right client more often to radically increase sales and client uptake. 

Module Six: Layers of Listening (9 mins) Activate your silent sales weapon to connect on a much deeper level for greater connection, deeper understanding and vastly improved problem solving. 

Module Seven: Dig for Drivers (4 mins) A tool to help you understand your customers on. deeper level and understand what's most important to them to more effectively influence the buying decision. 

Module Eight: Passionate Presentations (8 mins) Release more energy and enthusiasm in your business and the way you communicate, present & recommend solutions. 

Module Nine: Masterful Objection Handling (10.5 mins) A game changing (4) steps tool guaranteed to help you overcome any and all objections. Use it don't abuse it! 

Module Ten: TOM - New Age Closing Strategies (11 mins) Learn the 6 closing strategy levers to pull to take the customer off the market and convert the sale. Also apply TOM to upsell and cross sell products with more value. 

Module Eleven: BOOM! Your personal brand. (11mins) How to deliver a full end to end customer experience that inspires fierce loyalty and repeat business. Build a positive personal brand to generate more world of mouth referrals. 


"BOOM! doesn’t even begin to describe Trent and the sales he generated for our sales team."

Sam Nethanius 


"WOW!!! Talk about feeling energised. The training was so interactive and fun, I never wanted it to end."

Shereen El-dabbagh


"Trent is an phenomenon in the area of Sales Performance from every dimension."

Glen Clinch
Judo Bank 


"Trent is one powerhouse of energy with the ability to forge relationships and engage his audience."

Giselle Jesse


"Game changing tools and strategies to empower your team and develop their sales and service capability."


"Trent was absolutely incredible and was able to portray some really good concepts and ideas in a way not many people can."

Jarryd Johnson

Gregg Harris
National Australia Bank

Why companies choose


For over a decade BOOM! has set a new benchmark in Australia for sales training. From our quirky training promo videos… to skyrocketing small and medium businesses into the stratosphere... to building dynamic sales processes and capability models that become the backbone of multi-billion dollar organisations. We know what is required to compete and dominate in a fast-paced, ever-changing and competitive world.

We work hard, (really hard!) to understand your business and market from every angle with our unique 360 discovery process. Understanding what makes your business tick and aligning that with what deeply arouses your customers is the first step. We then design bespoke, impactful and robust processes and tools to help your people sell what you promise... and then deliver more. That’s why BOOM! is soooooo much more than sales training!

Get your BOOM! from the Netstar Sales Academy! 

What you can expect to get: 

  • A major increase in sales and deeper client relationships.

  • Full access to the Netstar Sales Academy training modules and resources

  • Not only engaging, but entertaining! 

  • Course material

    • Your success manual.

    • Custom Assessments and quizzes. 

    • Key posters and learning aids

  • Offical Netstar BOOM! Certificates of completion to hang on you wall! 

  • Sales Tips and from the best in the world and our #1 club on how to smash your sales targets

  • Regular blog, vlogs, articles and success resources

  • Invitations to special events such as webinars and virtual coaching 

  • Feeling part of something extraordinary. U are important! 


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Netstar Sales Academy powered by BOOM! Sales

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