Our Capabilities

BOOM! Sales has the capability, experience and expert team to deliver a fully customised, full-services Sales Performance Uplift Model.
Our team of experts delivers world class facilitation, program design, consulting, sales performance and change management.

Expert Sales Performance Team

A team of complimentary experts including Sales Experts, Leadership & Capability Development Expert, Change and Communications Expert, Sales in Asia Expert and Business Performance Expert ensures we can deliver a fully customised, full-service Sales Performance Uplift Model

Professional Consultation & Business Discovery Process

  • Deep Dive into the Client Business
  • Current State Assessment
  • Formulation of aspired ‘Future State’ including objectives and success criteria and measures

Customised Sales and Customer Engagement Models

10 Yrs experience developing customised models for medium and large B2B and B2C organisations Developed from client business information and insights and 10 yrs research into best practice sales environments, models, behaviours and tools.

Customised Sales Capability Frameworks

  • Aligned with the customised Sales Model to embed into day to day business behaviours and activities
  • Clearly articulated behaviours with 3 Levels of Competence
  • The Foundation of Talent Attraction & Recruitment, Induction & On-boarding, Performance Management, & Capability Development and Succession Planning activities

Aligned Performance Measures and Management

  • Sales Model Objectives and Success Criteria
  • Clear KRAs and KPIs
  • Quality Assurance Framework
  • Performance Management Framework

Design and Development of World Class Training Workshops and Master Classes

  • Fully customised to deliver client’s aspired Future State
  • Based on best practice capability development and adult learning principles and practices
  • Highly engaging and interactive

Design and Development of Train-the-Trainer and Train-the-Coach Programs

  • Fully customised to transfer workshop delivery capability to in-house facilitation team
  • Empower in-house coaches and team leaders to coach workshop learnings on the ground/just-in-time
  • Supported by complete Facilitator’s Guide and Coaching Manual

Blended Development Pathways

  • Role based Proficiency Pathways
  • Based on 70:20:10 Learning Methodology
  • A variety of delivery and development mediums including face-to-face workshops, virtual learning classes, video modules, podcasts, webinars and self-paced development guides

World Class Trainers and Expert Facilitators

  • Industry experts have proven track records in their field.
  • Facilitators empower the most successful companies in their industry.
  • Trainers live and breath their craft, not paid to simply deliver content.
  • Facilitators apply latest blended learning methods and principles.

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