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The (3) Most Critical Coaching Questions

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

They say, the missing piece of the puzzle in creating a successful team is nearly always a lack of quality coaching.

There are other key factors of course, such as leadership and culture, but let’s focus on coaching and how important this resources is.

There are clearly two strong views on the subject of coaching. Some believe it’s an essential role, while others see it as fluffy and not critical, exclaiming, “Those that can - do, while those that can’t - teach!”

My view? Whether it’s an elite sporting team, SME, corporate organisation or junior football club their success relies heavily on quality coaching and resources.

Yes, these (people) can be hard to find. So, what are we actually looking for in a quality coach?

When we think of a successful coach, who or what springs mind?

Often we see an image of a salty, mature (almost mythical character). He or she has helped a team of some sort achieve outstanding results over an extended period of time. Their team’s trophy cabinet glistens with immaculately polished silverware from hero’s gone before. Some would say results are the ultimate measure, but is there more to it?

Let's think about this for a moment, what makes a truly impactful coach? Irrespective of their win and loss ratio, there are 3 rock solid capabilities, that is to say their ability to:

  1. Demonstrate Care

  2. Inspire Confidence

  3. Build Character

Nothing else matters. These rocks can apply to a primary school teacher, or psychologist or even a high performance business coach. Any form of coach.

When a coach (genuinely) cares about helping people learn and grow in confidence, these two elements in isolation can propel almost any individual or team an upward trajectory. When you sprinkle building character on top of that, you start to see teams literally take off and.... BOOM!

If you’re a coach, or considering this as a role, these are the only 3 Questions you need to ask yourself, regularly. Yes, they are indeed Masterful Questions™️ (Not For The Average!)

  1. Do I genuinely care about the people I’m coaching?

  2. Are the people I’m coaching growing in confidence?

  3. Can I see character or agreed values being demonstrated?

Keeping in mind the next question, yes always the better question is ⎼ How?

Care is ultimately measured by the quality of guidance and level of understanding we have about the people we coach. Do you care enough to ask better questions? Care is a genuine interest and a positive investment in people.

Confidence is seen as a reflection of improvement and learning. Measured in different ways, confidence is growth (mindset) and a willingness to take on more challenging tasks and activities consistently over time.

Character, put simply, is who we are. Not what we say, but what we do. Another reference point are our values and these determine our behaviours. This guides how we make our decisions and navigated our way in the world.

I work with a full spectrum of people, from young athletes to senior and extraordinarily successful business people and entrepreneurs. Even those loaded who talent and a proven track record can lack confidence and self belief at times.

Proof that everybody at the right time needs and deserves the right support and guidance from someone who cares. This is the undeniable power of coaching (and mentoring) and why coaching is potent when delivered the right way. It is in many ways an essential life skill that carries with it a duty of care and responsibility.

  1. Do you care?

  2. Can you inspire confidence?

  3. Will you build character?

Good! Now get out there and help people.


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