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Are You Smelly?

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

When you engage with customers do you ever feel like they are evaluating you more than you are evaluating them?

Do you sometimes feel insecure when you sense a customer's defence mechanisms have been activated?

These are all natural reactions, but they can plague the average sales person.

What can add to the confusion here is the customer may have taken the time to seek you out.

And yet, they are firing a barrage of questions at you as if you have to change their opinion of you and prove yourself to them.

This can lead to a fruitless pursuit and time waste, especially when the reality is the customer has no intention of buying from you.

When this plays out habitually it can leave sales professionals questioning their own ability and integrity.

Can you relate?

As a salesperson why would a customer fear you?

There are a myriad of reasons why this may occur…

You activate fear when you are deceptive in some way.

You activate fear when you lack confidence in what you say.

You activate fear when your words contradict your actions.

You activate fear when your actions are inconsistent.

You activate fear when you fail to take responsibility.

You activate fear when you lack the right capability.

You absolutely activate fear when you lack passion and care.

You've heard me relentlessly spruik the virtues of quirkiness?!?

This is essentially possessing the ability to disarm, build trust quickly and be non-threatening.

It also suggests you are in some way unique and memorable.

Some people have a natural ability for doing this, while others really struggle.

Let me say this… no amount of quirkiness will compensate for demonstrating some of the above fear activators.

The customer has the right to scrutinise and evaluate you ⏤ they are paying for this privilege of course.

That said, if you’re ever feeling a little smelly, there may be a good reason..

If you are pervading a pungent aroma, simply check yourself against the above fear activators and change your course of action accordingly.

And always, always demonstrate a deep belief, passion and conviction in what YOU sell.

This passion will help to project a perfume of confidence that kills the stink and builds trust.


Trent Leyshan, Founder - BOOM!

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