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Leave A Lasting Impression

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We all know how important making a positive first impression is? At BOOM! we call this the “Law of rapport" and this is an essential ingredient to fast-tracking connection and building trust.

In saying that, how important is it to leave a lasting positive impression?

Often the way we leave a relationship is the way we remember it... and more importantly, this determines the way we are remembered.

When we exit a relationship of any kind, particularly in business, we must make our best efforts to transition out with a positive intent. Failure to make this type of effort will nearly always result in the burning of bridges and an erosion of goodwill and reputation.

This will sometimes mean that we need to be the bigger person. Other times it may require we to face our shortcomings. Nearly always, this intention will demonstrates that we genuinely care enough about the relationship and our reputation to make the effort to go the extra mile... which of course, we all know is rarely crowded.

A smart way to demonstrate this is to follow-up and be open to feedback. When you go the extra mile.... don't be surprised if sometimes this effort is enough to win it back.


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