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The Best Question You Never Ask

One of the essential tools learnt within the BOOM! Method is Masterful questions™️.

These are super potent, high quality questions that unlock more clarity for you and the recipient.

Call them elite questions that influence and make a difference to any conversation.

They are used to dig deeper…

Applied to challenge or jolt a reaction.

They can be harnessed to win a negotiation. Or defuse any and all high tension situations.

We obsessively study these types of questions… We dissect, evaluate and refine to establish what questions work best for you.

Continually testing and tuning…

And of course, from time-to-time, we find questions that…

(to put it bluntly) are worth their f%$! weight in rolled gold!

The reason these questions are so unbelievably powerful is this…

Most business people will never (ever!) ask them.

Why? The top answer of course … FEAR of being a sales person.

So what is the best question…

Well... the better question is always the next question. Dig deeper.

And the BEST question is ALWAYS the question no one else is prepared to ask…


  1. “Are you a time waster?”

Asked when you absolutely know you’re not talking to the decision maker or influencer.

This is categorised as a challenging question and must be laced with quirkiness and care.

  1. “Are we negotiating?”

This question has a myriad potent applications. Most used when a customer demands a discount.

This type of question sets up a two-way dialogue focused on mutual value.

These are just a tiny sample of some of the hundreds of Masterful Questions™ we have curated over 15 years.

Be warned, in untrained hands questions like these become tools of mass pain and destruction.

Used in the right way, in the right context ⏤better and BEST questions light up your customers and supercharge sales. 🔥

They are most certainly not for the average! Want to see our Master-list?


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