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The Three Little Pigs [Sales Process]

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

As children we were captivated by the terrifying tale of The Three Little Pigs.

... When I say, build your sales process with bricks you should know what I’m talking about?

The quick win mentality and short term approach to sales is a driving force behind why so many sales teams fail. Low conversion, lack of qualified leads, high staff turnover, (or contrastingly - salespeople overstaying their welcome in a passionless state) are just some of the many symptoms we find in underperforming teams.

In fact, our data tells us that in takes on average 3 years for salespeople who are coal face selling to begin to experience fatigue and burnout, as such their performance subsequently diminishes or they move on. This type of sales process is by design set up, not to scale and in simple terms get easier over time, but conversely to incrementally increase in difficulty in proportion to the time spent in the role. In short, the longer you go - the harder it gets!

Businesses that build their sales process with straw and sticks will be the first at risk every time the Wolf blows by way of market dips or intensified competitive forces.

The Straw approach:

This is when salespeople exist month to month and are remunerated accordingly. Every month the sales target reverts back to zero and they attempt to the scale the mountain once again. Is it any wonder a large percentage lack energy and are not at their best. With extended poor sales periods these businesses are never far from destress and drastic cost cutting measures.

The Stick approach:

This is observed when customers are seen as numbers instead of being valued as assets. There is a primary focus on the initial transaction only, as a result goodwill and rewarding customers for their loyalty and building relationships are not recognised.

The Brick approach:

Salespeople that build their process with bricks know the value of their reputation and see the customer as an asset and potential advocate. They are rewarded short, medium and long term in relation to the value they transfer over time. As their reputation and customer reach scales, their role becomes progressively less challenging as their funnel expands with repeat business and reliable lead and referral channels.

We all know there will be times when the Wolf huffs and puffs, and when he does - you’d better be ready and have enough energy required to outsmart him. Much like the savvy pig, the brick approach to building your sales process does take an investment in time, money and energy.

In the not too distant future, when your less diligent competitors are being ferociously devoured... you’ll be feasting on opportunities.

Oink oink!

Trent Leyshan, Founder ⏤ BOOM! Sales

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