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Unleash Your Hidden Sales Force!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

At BOOM! we bang on relentlessly about the importance of going the extra mile and helping customers feel a deep sense of importance.

Some say, having a service mindset is a character thing.

Others suggest it’s simply common sense...

However, we all know this approach is uncommon.

Your customers are always your best sales people.

In a lot of ways your customers can be an incredibly influential and ever-expanding (un-paid) sales force.

Off the payroll and in your market sprinkling gratitude and goodwill about you and what you do.

Deeply satisfied customers replicate and multiply at scale... Ka-BOOM!

Equally influential are those poisoned and resentful, so be careful.

Love your customers, respect them, treat them like gold… abso-fn-lutely!

Word-of-mouth is still so powerful, even more so today given the ferocity and expansiveness of social media reach.

Yes, it's getting harder and harder to find good old fashioned customer service.

The type of experience that connects people and inspires repeat business and fierce loyalty.

But… that doesn’t mean YOU should stop trying.

In fact, this is absolutely the reason you should be driving a service culture throughout your entire organisation.

That starts at the top and filters down.

When you get the delivery and service part right, your customer will start to buzz and share their experiences…

And that my friends is a beautiful thing.

“BOOM! Doesn’t even begin to describe Trent and the sales he provided for our sales team.

Not only was Trent able to turn around a training session in some ridiculously short time frames to meet our needs during the ‘Covid’ era - he also left our entire team crazily motivated, loaded with new tools, and closer to each other!

Trents delivery was personable, likeable and infectious in the best way possible and all attendees commented that it was some of the best, most balanced training they have attended.

We can’t wait to host Trent again to ensure we’re never average!!!”

⏤ Sam Nolthenius

Sales Manager, Dependable Laundry Solutions

Your partner in growth, Trent - Founder, BOOM!

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