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Who Is Really Stealing Your Customers?

Analysing and reshaping a new client’s sales funnel our team determined an 8% conversion from proposal to sale.

92% of proposals in the Pipe were categorised as closed/lost or open over the 90 day ripe age period.

Total revenue was $1.8M.

Potential lost revenue over most recent 12 month period $20.8M. 😫

To glean more data we phone called some of these lost and rotting opportunities and their responses were staggering…

The most common response, “We received a proposal, but no one ever got back to us.”

We kept building and crunching the CRM data… we found over $40M in un-followed-up proposals! We also found scores of first meetings that had not even been attended.

This nearly sent the MD of our client company over the edge with a nervous breakdown.... "$40 f#@ ! million!”

Nearly all the client opportunities we spoke with had already given their business to one of my client's main or secondary competitors.

In essence, feeding their competition new business and all the subsequent goodwill, relationship and annuity revenue.

Absolute madness beyond any sense of reason, particularly when my client was barely profitable and crippled with sales disfunction.

When you do the BOOM! training you will learn exactly what and who the "golden time waster" is as it related to your business…

At a very high-level, it’s never the customer, it’s always a sales person who wastes their own time...

The person who operates in a semi-functional but inefficient state, in doing so crippling the business they are paid and employed to serve.

This is most commonly a result of poor leadership (or no leadership) and a glaring lack of the right high-performance process, skills and tools. In short, not fit-for-role people.

This story does end well, when we addressed all our client's problems and built their new sales-engine we helped skyrocket their sales from $1.8M to $18M+ in just under 2 years. 😃

Don’t let your own people hold your company to ransom, instead empower them with the right culture, five star leadership, A-grade role models, proven processes, accountability and tools ⏤BOOM!

Yes of course we can help you too.

U are important, Trent Leyshan, Founder BOOM!

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