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Travelers can cancel a confirmed flight without issue, according to Air Canada airlines cancellation policy. Passengers should read the guidelines before cancelling an Air Canada flight. The cancellation rules of Air Canada are listed below. Air Canada will reimburse the full price of your ticket if you cancel your international flight within 24 hours of purchasing it. To cancel an Air Canada flight after 24 hours, travellers must pay a cancellation fee. Cancellation is only possible at the original point of purchase. Passengers can easily cancel their Air Canada flight by calling the retailer where they purchased their ticket. The cost of cancelling a ticket varies depending on the kind of ticket, the destination, and the amount of time left before departure. Air Canada is a national carrier of Canada. According to Air Canada's flight schedule, Travelers may also make modifications to confirmed flights under the policy. In this case, passengers can change the date, time, location, and even the class of their flight.

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