December 4, 2015


What is Outlaw™ Selling?
Outlaw Selling is an inspiring sales method and sales training program that equips your team with the mindset, skills and practical tools to change the way  they engage  with and influence your customers to dramatically improve sales performance.

“Everyone lives or dies by selling something and the best salespeople in the world are Outlaws. They defy conventional business wisdom at every turn, exceed market expectations and change the way the sales game is played.” Based on the key concepts, skills and strategies outlined in the revolutionary new sales book, Outlaw, this program arms you to stop just ‘selling and start fighting for your customers.”

The training program can be customised to fit the needs of your business, creating an alignment with established sales frameworks and processes. This tailoring ensures a high level of business relevance, allowing you to create a very tangible plan for success.

Who it is for?
Outlaw training is designed for salespeople who want to join the new gang of Outlaws and start fighting for their customers. If you are ready to defy the traditional sales rules and practices and start driving change and delivering more, this program is for you! The program is relevant for all sales roles in an organisation and the level of complexity can be tailored according to the audience.

How does it work?
The program can be run as a 90 minute introduction seminar or a as a three day in-house workshop that includes a high level of interaction, group work, individual practice and action planning.

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Trent Leyshan

Trent Leyshan is founder and CEO of BOOM! Sales. Sales expert, sought after speaker and facilitator. He is the author of Outlaw & The Naked Salesman.

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