December 21, 2015


We all love great customer service, so why is it so bloody hard to find!? You are Important is a inspiring customer service training program. We challenge your sales and service people and fearless leaders to understand what matters most to your customers and truly live your values.

When empower your business with the skills, tools and behaviours to bring your service culture to life. As a result, your customers will be given an authentic and meaningful experience that inspires fierce loyalty. Oooh yea… the good stuff!

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Bringing back the old-fashioned service and earn the new paradigm: Retro Service
  • Provide your team wiht a clear insight into your customers and what really influences them;
  • Know how to connect with customers by giving them more personal, authentic and meaningful experiences
  • Self-Awareness: Identify my own fears, frustrations and biases and their potential impacts on my customer
  • Harness your silent sales weapon: Soft skills that are hard to master:
  • Learn how to add value to the customer experience with low and no-cost strategies
  • Agreed on set of service oriented principles that supports and unites your team;
  • Compared key competitors and their customer service strengths and weaknesses
  • Integrated performance tools and agreed on rewards and accountabilities;
  • Aligned your external communication with your new customer service values;
  • Re-invigorated your culture and team with passion and motivation!;
  • Move your customer to action, and inspire loyalty, repeat business,  testimonials and referrals.
  • And more!

Who it is for?

This training program is designed for all people in sales, service and senior leadership roles. In fact, everyone needs to understand service in all areas of life. 

How does it work?

Each customer service training program is customised to your business objectives. This is achieved by integrating customer and market insights in collaboration with your team and senior leaders. Customer service training is delivered 90 minute key note  1 or 2 day program or purpose built to your specification.

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Trent Leyshan

Trent Leyshan is founder and CEO of BOOM! Sales. Sales expert, sought after speaker and facilitator. He is the author of Outlaw & The Naked Salesman.

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