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"Never, ever have I been part of a training room with so much buzz and energy."

Zoe Crettenden, Sales Delivery Manager - AGL

"Life changing training!"

"The best training ever!"

"BOOM! is truly incredible!"

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Hello People Leader and Fearless Leader! 

U ARE IMPORTANT! Thank you for visiting, we know that you're here for a reason, so please don't leave empty handed...

We have a collection of game changing conference and in-house sales training options for you to explore, including our world class keynote, in-house workshops, virtual training and rapid learning online training. 

You will also find plenty of punchy promo videos as well as links to our podcasts and blogs. Also loads of relevant sales and customer experience resources, success stories and more! 

Here are some quick questions for you...

What would your team look like with a fully super-charged and scalable new business and customer engagement engine?

Imagine your business full of passion-fuelled teams completely aligned with a modern positive language, elite level skills and tools to help them consistently smash their targets...

How would this positively transform your culture, leadership and the way you conducted business and build relationships? 

At BOOM! we don’t just help your people to achieve more...

We empower them with life changing skills and tools so they can ultimately be more influential and add more value to the your business and the customers that you exist to serve. 

No trickery, magic potions or get rich quick strategies here...
Our (RAD) rapid learning methodology is designed to fast-track learning and stick retention levels to drive tangible returns. 

This is seriously potent ROI driven training that has generated quite literally BILLIONS of dollar in sales for some of the world's most respected companies in a plethora of industries. 


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(5) game changing ways we  help rapidly grow your
salesand deepen team and customer engagement


 2. digital 

We tailor engaging and interactive sales training to your business and unique challenges. We help you drive revenue and scalable growth. 

Fully supported online learning and development pathway. This is serious training that will sky rocket your sales and earning potential. 




Custom designed sales process, tools and capability models drive performance with consistency, transparency and accountably. 

Bring something different to your next business conference. Thought provoking and interactive keynotes leave a lasting impression. 


Sales leadership is often the missing ingredient. Empower your team and lift performance with our proven sales leadership tools. 


 online training

 Sales training



What our clients say

"Trent’s passion and enthusiasm for sales is truly infectious and his strategies around building deeper connections with clients and cutting through emotional road blocks are easily relatable and his expertise has been extremely valuable to our organisation – highly recommended! "

Trent Fraser, CEO - Choice Hotels Asia Pac



This revealing sales and business book has been referenced and quoted by sales people world-wide. Bold growth strategies to help you stand  up and stand-out in a fast paced crowded world. 

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Why companies choose

Since 2007 BOOM! has set a new benchmark in Australia for sales training and thought leadership. From our quirky training videos… to skyrocketing small and medium businesses into the stratosphere... to building dynamic sales processes and capability models that become the backbone of multi-billion dollar organisations... We know what's required to compete and dominate in a fast-paced, ever-changing and competitive world.

We work hard, (really hard!) to understand your business and market from every angle with our unique 360 discovery process. Understanding what makes your business tick and aligning that with what deeply arouses your customers is the first step. We then design bespoke, impactful and robust processes and tools to help your people sell what you promise... and then deliver more. That’s why BOOM! is soooooo much more than sales training!



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"Trent is one powerhouse of  energy with the ability to forge relationships and engage his audience." 

Giselle Jesse 


"Game changing tools and  strategies to empower your team and develop their sales and service capability." 

Gregg Harris 


"Trent was absolutely incredible and was able to portray some really good concepts and ideas in a way not many people can." 

Jarryd Johnson

  • How much do your training programs cost?
    Investment starts at $1,399 for online course delivery. This is per user and we also offer special bonuses for multi student access and customisation. BOOM! Zoom training is delivered virtually and starts at $1,900 per half day workshop. Special rates apply for multiple workshops and customised delivery. In-house delivery day rate is $4,900 per day for 2 or more days. Conference and keynote delivery begins at $6,900 and can vary depending on size of audience, special requirements, bonuses and giveaways. Average sales training program investment is approx $30,000. Top end large progect clients will invest between $250,000 - $1M. All fees are EX GST.
  • Do you work with smaller sized companies too?
    Hell yes! While we boast a client list full of world class brands and some of Australia's most well known companies, some of our best (ever@) work has been in supercharging small and medium sized companies and skyrocketing their business into the stratosphere!
  • What types of training programs do you offer?
    This will always depend on your business and the unique requirements and challenges that your sales people are faced with. We offer many off the shelf programs but will typically customise these to your team and business. Our primary progam is the BOOM! Method, our secret selling sauce and is a world classs full end-to-end selling methodology loaded with game changing sales tools, strategies and techniques. Programs will typically include elements of the Method or our full blown supercharged version.


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