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About BOOM!


BOOM! Sales is an Australian-owned, award-winning, high-impact, leading provider of sales training, keynote speaking, and sales process optimization. We’ve helped thousands of people and organizations in Australia and around the world achieve their goals.

Inspired by the definition of the word itself, BOOM! Sales was created to make our clients prosper, flourish, and thrive… rapidly.

We’re a passionate and enthusiastic bunch who thrive off teaching our clients how to reach their goals and smash through anything holding them back. We knew what we had to say must be shouted from the rooftop (stage). That’s why we added conference keynote speaking to our offerings.

At BOOM!, we believe that sales success is about more than just hitting numbers. 

It’s about creating sustainable growth and development in business. As sales process experts, who have seen and done it all, we have helped thousands of people and teams reach their goals and make their mark.

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Raving reviews

Join the thousands of leaders and sales professionals that have learned Trent's secret sales strategies!

Record-breaking month for Fromm Sweden!

"Fromm Sweden had a great start to 2024, where January resulted in a new monthly sales record for the business.

We are succeeding by getting a lot of new projects where we connect the Fromm Way / BOOM! Rule of 3.

For our business, this means selling the total solution to the client, not just one element; machines, consumables, and service contracts.

We continue to live by our team motto, Fight average!"

- Simon Lund, Sales Manager, Fromm Sweden

Our team was off their seats!

"I had no doubt Trent would bring the PASSION (pron. PASH-ON) and energy to our conference.

Our team was up off their seats, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable all while learning valuable relationship skills.

Thank you, Trent, I think you will be a regular at the ihear conferences! Highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

- Sep Brown, Marketing Manager, ihear

We can't wait to host Trent again!

"BOOM! doesn’t even begin to describe Trent and the sales he generated for our sales team.

Not only was Trent able to turn around a training session in some ridiculously short time frames to meet our needs during the ‘Covid’ era - but he also left our entire team crazily motivated, loaded with new tools, and closer to each other!

Trent's delivery was personable, likable, and infectious in the best way possible and all attendees commented that it was some of the best, most balanced training they have attended.

We can’t wait to host Trent again to ensure we’re never average!!!"

- Sam Nolthenius, Sales Manager, Dependable Laundry Solutions

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Our clients 

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Empower your sales team

We don’t just work with individuals. We transform entire teams.

Imagine your team with a fully super-charged and scalable new business and customer engagement engine. What kind of results would you see? 

Spoiler alert - you’d see a significant increase in leads, conversions, and sales. Your team members would be more engaged and enthusiastic about their work.

They would feel empowered to make an impact on your business. And most importantly, they would be able to provide an exceptional experience for your customers.

BOOM! will breathe new life into your team and your business.


Our sales course is designed to help increase sales productivity, close more deals, and increase your earnings. We’ll impart years and years of hard-learned wisdom to you. We will share the latest sales strategies and techniques and show you how to apply them in real-life scenarios.

We will illuminate, step by step, the sales process from start to finish to optimize your performance at every stage. And we’ll be your biggest cheerleaders to boot.

At BOOM!, we will help your people to achieve more.

We empower them with life-changing skills and tools. We will make them more influential and add more value to your business and your customers.

There is no need for trickery, magic potions, or get-rich-quick strategies. Our rapid learning methodology is proven to deliver fast-track learning. 

We offer seriously potent ROI-driven sales training that has generated BILLIONS of dollars in sales for some of the world’s most respected companies.

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Sales training everywhere your team goes.

After years of development, our world sales training app is finally live!!!

The BOOM! Sales app is THE single best sales app available for sales and service professionals. Start delivering professional education to your team everywhere they go. Inside the app, they will get...

1. Exclusive access to "Motivation Monday", a segment where Trent will get you fired up for the week so that you hit your sales targets and rise up the sales board.

2. Exclusive behind-the-scenes insights (called drive-bys) from working with a-grade salespeople and billion-dollar organizations.

3. Exclusive interviews with CEOs and leaders of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs. 

4. Exclusive access to a conference recording filled with great education.

The BOOM! app offers the best and most extensive sales training library that's proven to work in the real world. Our method has been hand-crafted by delivering sales training all over the world for almost two decades (we've been doing this since 2007). 

Get a quick quote today and we will give you 7 days of complimentary access to this world-first training aid so that you can see for yourself the value we deliver.

Give me free access to the app and the conference pack!

Advanced sales training

BOOM! Conferences & Keynotes

Book Trent Leyshan, CEO of BOOM! to speak at your next conference. Trent's unique energy, passion, and presentation skills will energize the audience and keep them on their feet at all times. 

Trent's presentations have been called many things (from "electric" to "game-changing") but never ever has anyone called it boring. 

BOOM! Sales In-House Training

Book Trent Leyshan, CEO of BOOM!, to train your sales teams.

Together, we will develop a signature sales process to be presented in-house, to the current team as we work to raise their capabilities. After almost two decades of working with the best of the best, we know how to elevate performance.

BOOM! Sales Immersion

In this service we embed our signature sales process across the entire department and/or company, we identify A-grade talent both internally and externally and develop the sales capabilities of your team to reach their peak. 

We commit to helping you not only implement our world’s best sales and service practice within your company but to also join you on that journey for the next few years to ensure these learnings and new practices are followed and maintained. 

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